Mobile application for Asteros Contact Avia

Asteros Contact Avia can be enhanced with a mobile application which helps check in passengers for all flights without a check-in counter.

Asteros Contact Avia mobile application makes it possible to access the system using mobile devices such as tablets. With a tablet PC and portable printer, mobile agents can check in passengers and print boarding passes on the fly. This approach maximizes passenger flow during peak hours without additional check-in counters.

The mobile application may also be used to check in business class passengers in the airport's VIP areas without installing special equipment in these areas.


Business task:

  • Express passenger check-in tool used to reduce wait times in lines during peak demand times and in the airport's business class sections


  • Business and economy class passengers
    without baggage


  • Check-in agents

Necessary equipment:

  • Tablet PC
  • Portable printer
Asteros Contact Avia mobile application

Why mobile application:

  • Manages passenger flow in peak hours
  • No line-ups for passengers without baggage
  • New priority services available for VIP clients
  • Extra check-in agents without additional check-in counters