Asteros Contact Avia

Asteros Contact Avia is the common check-in solution providing access to a variety of airport Departure Control Systems (DCS).

Challenges of the current check-in process

Every airport servicing a number of airlines deals with a large variety of DCS systems. Each airline uses its own check-in system with a unique interface
and special features. Airports constantly train their agents on different DCS systems, but due to their complexity and wide diversity, most agents can work
in 2 or 3 check-in systems and only the most experienced agents are proficient
in all departure control systems.

To staff all scheduled flights with specially trained agents, airports have to plan
their tight schedules well in advance and install an excessive number of check-in counters in order to divide them between airlines. This arrangement results in ineffective utilization of the airport’s resources and facilities.

Airline check-in systems are isolated from airport information systems. For this reason, the airport has no access to passenger data, neither to the latest updates nor to historical data.


Asteros Contact Avia is the solution with proven efficiency tested at Sheremetyevo International Airport (Terminal F):

  • Common check-in: a single user-friendly interface for checking in passengers regardless of the airline
  • Data exchange interface to Airport Operational Database (AODB) helps
    the airport collect up-to-date passenger data
  • Special mobile version for checking in passengers without baggage

Asteros Contact Avia is certified to ARINC standards – a global leader in developing solutions for aviation.

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Why Asteros Contact Avia

  • Passengers can check in at any counter without line-ups
  • The airport is aware of the number of passengers on flights
  • Reduces check-in time
  • Saves time and money associated with training new employees
  • Mitigates risks due to human error