Asteros Contact platform

Traditional approaches to integrating software business applications by creating data warehouses or through using an enterprise data bus require significant money and time. Such solutions are costly, thus not meeting the needs of businesses in today’s fast paced environment. The approach we offer is based on front-end integration of businesses applications which allow to automatize business processes of the client service through development of a unified ergonomic user interface based on the “single window” principle.

It is supposed to create a modern software platform for front-end integration of client applications with an easy-to-use, ergonomic and unified user interface. This platform will be similar to Microsoft’s CFF platform, but will surpass it both technically and functionally. On the base of the Asteros Contact platform is supposed to serve as a basis for creation of a series of vertical solutions for telecommunications operators “Asteros Contact Telecom” and on the further stages for airports Asteros Contact Avia, multifunctional centers “Asteros Contact MFC”, banks “Asteros Contact Bank”, utility service centres “Asteros Contact Utilities”.

The Asteros Contact platform will be realized on Microsoft technologies, namely .Net Framework 4.0;

Database management system is Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2;

Basic operational system is Windows Server 2008R2.

The following technologies we are going to use for the solution development:

  • The system core is based on the front-office integration platform for business applications comparable to Microsoft Customer Care Framework (CCF); the platform development is the essential part of the project
  • Windows Presentation Foundation technology is used for the user interface development.
  • Windows Workflow Foundation technology is used for development of functionality related to business processes automation.
  • Microsoft Enterprise Single Sing-On product and ASP.NET MVC technology is used for storage, management and access to credentials.
  • Windows Communication Foundation technology is used for creation of modules and data exchange services.
  • Collection of libraries Microsoft PnP Prism is used for implementation of a composite model of applications.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium is used as a basic development environment. Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 software is used as a system of software life cycle management and MSF CMMI pattern is the main pattern of life cycle management.
  • “Agile” set of approaches, SCRUM, Test Driven Development, Extreme Programming in particular, is used as the main methodology for organization of software development.