20 March 2013

Asteros Contact Avia burst onto global skies

Asteros Labs introduced the Asteros Contact Avia solution for airports to the global aviation industry. The Russian developer demonstrated the common check-in interface to attendees at Passenger Terminal Expo 2013 in Geneva.

This year, more than 3500 people attended Passenger Terminal Expo, the largest international aviation event. Airport and airline CEOs, architects, engineers and other representatives of the aviation industry were in attendance.

Asteros Labs, the only Russian participant at the event, presented its Asteros Contact Avia common check-in interface, which was created in cooperation with the Skolkovo Foundation. Attendees at Asteros Labs’ demonstration saw how Asteros Contact Avia allows airports to check in passengers for flights of different airlines at any counter by implementing the common check-in approach.

Asteros Labs also presented the mobile application for Asteros Contact Avia, which offers the possibility of checking in passengers outside of the check-in counter area. All visitors to Asteros Labs’ booth were checked in for a flight by the mobile agent, armed with just a tablet PC and a portable printer.

Over the course of the exhibition, airports from the USA, Switzerland, Finland, Latvia, Singapore, Oman, Turkey and almost all Russian airports with representatives at the event expressed interest in Asteros Contact Avia. As a result, pilot projects to immediately implement Asteros Contact Avia in three Russian airports were planned.

Another achievement for the delegation from Asteros Labs was receiving a certification agreement for Asteros Contact Avia with the ARINC iMuse system, one of the leading platforms on the global market, widely used by international airports all over the world.

Everyone who took part in the Asteros Contact Avia check-in demonstration was eligible to enter a prize draw. At the end of the event, Asteros Labs announced the winners of the two-day contest. The winners were representatives from the Russian airports Yemelyanovo (Krasnoyarsk) and Khrabrovo (Kaliningrad), who took home iPad Mini tablet PCs as their main prize.