About us

Our approach consists in building an enterprise platform for the front-end integration of business applications and automation of client service processes. This solution will be not only a technology platform for process integration but will also include built-in tools for process automation: an end-to-end Business Process Designer for various business applications and a BI module for analysing business process efficiency.

For the purpose of commercialisation of the platform, we plan to develop vertically integrated solutions for a number of sectors: aviation, government management and administration, finance, housing and public utilities, and telecommunications. Existing similar solutions, including those produced by Western vendors, are focused on creating universal platforms for the front-end integration of applications, however without a focus on sector-specific features. We believe that our approach is more promising as it provides customers a complete enterprise software solution that requires neither considerable add-ins nor adaptation in the course of project implementation, which as a result allows saving time and costs.

As for technical, price and other characteristics it is comparable to existing Russian analogs, or is inferior to them.

Asteros Labs is a company specialised in developing innovative products and IT solutions Principal activity areas:

  • Research and development
  • Activities associated with using computing equipment and information technologies, including:
    • Software development
    • Database designing, building, maintenance and administering
    • Creation of various information resources (federal, departmental and corporate portals)